A week ago I was at our local Sheriff’s department’s impound yard looking at a vehicle that my client was in when she was struck by a person who was under the influence of drugs. She was having a typical day and her life was ended suddenly. Injury or Death resulting from DWI is a devastating thing for any family.

Someone you love has been hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver. It’s not only the drunk driver that may be held responsible. If they’ve been drinking at a bar or some other establishment that served them, they can be held responsible too.

That bar or restaurant may have an insurance policy that can be brought into the case to help compensate the family and the individual for what they’ve lost. If you’ve lost a loved one because someone else’s negligence or even more painfully, because of someone else’s foolishness, drunkenness, drug addiction, we’re here to make sure those people are held responsible.

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