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How Drones Are Changing Accide...


How Drones Are Changing Accident Reconstruction

  • May 30, 2016

In order to seek compensation for your injuries after a vehicle collision, you need proof that someone else was to blame. If you cannot establish that someone else was at-fault (or at least partially at-fault), no insurance company is going to offer you a fair settlement, and no judge or jury will award you damages at trial.

The Evolution of Accident Reconstruction

Fortunately, there are several different methods for establishing liability in a collision. One of these is what is known as accident reconstruction. Accident reconstruction involves collecting data from the scene in order to paint an accurate and realistic picture of what happened to cause the victims’ injuries.

Over the last couple of decades, the methods used for accident reconstruction have evolved significantly. Accident reconstructionists used to use tape measures and film cameras. Then, they used laser scanners and high-resolution digital imaging. Today, many accident reconstructionists are using drones to change the way that we figure out who is to blame in a vehicle collision.

Using Drones to Establish Liability in Vehicle Collisions

Data Collection

Drones allow accident reconstructionists to collect an extraordinary amount of data about vehicle collisions. Using photo cameras, video cameras, and other tools, drones can capture even the most minute details, while also providing a new, above-the-trees perspective of the crash location.

What used to take hours, or even days, for a single person to capture with a camera can now be captured in a matter of minutes with a drone. Not only that, but today’s drone technology allows for collection of far more information than was previously possible. Using sophisticated computer programs, accident reconstructionists can quickly and easily digest this information, in order to reconstruct the events leading up to the accident.

Evidence at Trial

Once accident reconstructionists have digested the data obtained using a drone, working with victims’ personal injury attorneys, they can create evidence to be used at trial. This can include:

  • Expert reports, to be accompanied by expert testimony, identifying the cause of the accident
  • Overhead photos of the scene with precise measurements based on GPS data
  • Three-dimensional and two-dimensional video simulations of the collision

In addition, in many cases, the data obtained from a drone will help persuade the insurance companies to settle prior to trial. Most auto accident cases settle, and the more evidence that you have to demonstrate that someone else was at-fault, the more likely his or her insurance company will be to accept liability and agree to pay the compensation that you deserve.

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