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Construction Boom Leads to Inc...

work-related fatalities

Construction Boom Leads to Increase in Work-Related Fatalities

  • July 20, 2016

Good news and bad news often travel together. That is particularly the case in the construction business. New York City, the Hudson Valley, and most parts of the Empire State have experienced a building boom during the last few years. That is good for the local economy and it bodes well for the future. Unfortunately, with the boom has come an increase in fatal construction accidents. Safety inspectors and other construction experts are coming to the consensus that current safety measures just aren’t doing the job.

Multiple Causes Combining to Produce Hazardous Situation

Records released by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) show that in all too many fatal construction accidents, basic safety protocols were not followed. Some of the problems include:

  •  Failure to wear safety harnesses or helmets
  •  Inadequate scaffolding
  •  Failure to cordon off open shafts
  •  Inadequate supervision of construction workers
  •  Inadequate training of workers
  •  Failure to allow for a sufficient number of breaks (experts point out that continuous work causes the worker to be less attentive to the task, placing the worker at a higher risk of injury or death)
  •  Placing the premium on speed, resulting in dangerous shortcuts

Not only have New York officials seen an increase in fatalities among construction workers, they catalog a significant increase in work-related injuries, as well. Critics of the construction industry say that the boom in new building (and renovation of existing structures) is being built upon the backs – and in too many instances, upon the graves – of construction workers who are not being adequately compensated for that sacrifice. Critics add that in most cases, the fatal injury could have been avoided. And while New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently touted the addition of 100 building inspectors, that won’t help in areas like Poughkeepsie.

Fatal Falls Are Not the Only Issue

According to OSHA spokespersons and other experts, construction fatalities stem not just from falls. Other common fatal accidents include electrocution, being struck by falling objects or by heavy equipment, and inappropriate contact with dangerous tools. Moreover, construction injuries and deaths are not just associated with commercial and residential building projects; highway construction is one of the most hazardous employments in New York and around the country.

Experienced Legal Counsel is the Key to Recovery for Construction Fatalities

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