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Choosing the right attorney

Choosing the right attorney

  • September 28, 2021
Administrative Team of Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP

Recently, two separate clients contacted us, both of whom had previously retained an attorney they believed to be knowledgeable in specific area of law, or so they thought. Perhaps the attorney they retained believed they were able to complete the task in hand. Each attorney labored through the process costing the client time and potentially putting at risk the property they were looking to protect. It became clear to the clients, and to the prior attorney, their matter required the services of an attorney well versed and experienced to best handle the multifaceted details involved.  

Our legal system is complex. Different aspects of the law require the expertise of lawyers dedicated to those practice areas. Family law, for instance, involves different legalities from, say, business or criminal law. More specifically, even, is that some practice areas are further defined. Residential real estate law, for example, differs from the nuances of commercial real estate law. You might think of it in the same way that medical doctors focus on separate specialties, like general practice, cardiology, rheumatology and such. 

In law, it can be hard for people to know what type of attorney they need to address the particulars of their situation. The depth of attorney bench at Stenger, Diamond & Glass, LLP, have the advantage of being able to provide legal expertise in many practice areas. That means you the client will receive the precise counsel with the legal background you require without having to shop around for a specific kind of attorney or worry that their general practice lawyer, for instance, is handling their case in the best possible way. 

Diverse needs require broad experience. Single-practice professionals can provide counsel in instances that involve a specific area of law, but not all legal situations are best handled by a direct route, even those that may appear to be single-matter issues, at first. Firms with a diversity of lawyers who are expert in a multitude of practice areas have the expertise to tap needed knowledge from one specialty to another as those situations arise, including the essential research and case development required for optimal legal strategies that meet immediate and long-term objectives.  

Consider that in 2020 the American Bar Association reported the nation’s number of lawyers increased 10.4 percent between 2010 and 2020. That was higher than the country’s 6.3 percent in rise in population. In all, as of last year more than 1.3 million lawyers practiced in the United States, with New York State leading the pack at 184,000. As might be expected, larger cities boasted a higher number of attorneys than smaller ones and more rural counties. Still, it can be hard to know what kind of attorney will provide you with the best counsel for your situation.

Yet, specialized counseling matters. Here in the mid-Hudson Valley, we’re fortunate to have legal expertise at-hand. Even better is our availability of lawyers practicing in specific areas of law and topping that off, is the law firms whose services include a broad range of legal areas, like ours. 

An article on Nolo talks about the value of working “with a lawyer who already knows the field, such as employment discrimination, zoning laws, software design issues, or restaurant licensing.” 

In matters of law, bigger firms have the means, insight and expertise to understand the broad scope of each matter at-hand, along with the legal resources and skilled knowledge needed for detailed undertakings. The result is specialized attention for individual situations. For more information the wide range of service and practice areas offered at Stenger, Diamond & Glass, LLP, visit us at stengerglass.com or call us at 845 298-2000. 

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