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Child Visitation

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Traditionally, in American family law courts, a divorce involving minor children has often meant that those children have “visited” one parent every other weekend. In such scenarios, one parent has had primary custody and the other has been an occasional presence in his or her own children’s lives. Thus the term “visitation” has been used to describe shared parenting time. Fathers’ rights groups, child development experts and family law judges alike have questioned the effectiveness of this approach.

Beyond Custody and Visitation to Parenting as the Fundamental Paradigm

In fact, family law judges increasingly seem to consider such a rigid and limit-based concept old-fashioned. The old rules do not necessarily apply with more equal standards for the roles of women and men in today’s society. An astute and up-to-date family law attorney can help mothers and fathers navigate the waters of child custody issues with children’s well-being as the primary concern.

Crafting Practical Parenting Plans to Protect Parent-Child Relationships

In our time, family law judges seem to understand the importance of non-gender-biased, pragmatic parenting plans. Experts have brought to light the need for children to spend quality time with both parents whenever possible. The concept of “visitation rights” has given way to a more comprehensive view of shared parenting by separated or divorced parents. Ideally, both parents should continue to attend school functions, help children with homework and support their involvement in extracurricular activities and community-based activities such as sports or scouting programs.

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Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP, advises and represents parents in child custody and child visitation disputes, negotiations and agreements. Learn about how our Poughkeepsie visitation attorneys can help you arrive at practical ways to protect your parental rights while putting your children’s perspective in the forefront. Our New York child visitation lawyers’ experience, knowledge and confidence put our clients at ease. We work with them to promote parents’ goals and children’s best interests.

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