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Tax Issues Related to Divorce

Property Tax Assessment in Wappingers Falls

Tax Issues and Debts in Your Divorce Settlement

Tax obligations and debts are as much a part of a divorce property settlement as financial assets, retirement accounts and real estate. In addition to dividing tax debt equitably, parties must also consider the tax impact on the final settlement, if the property settlement includes real estate, investment earnings and other financial assets. Your attorney will need experience working with tax professionals to ensure that you fight for the assets that are important to you, while also recognizing the tax obligations that come with the judgment.

Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP , has more than three decades of experience protecting the financial interests of clients throughout the divorce property division process. When we develop a strategy for division of marital property, we go beneath the surface.

Dutchess County Tax Divorce Attorneys

We look at issues that inexperienced law firms often overlook, including:

  • Tax debt and IRS workouts
  • Real estate property taxes
  • Tax obligations on interest and dividends from retirement and investment accounts
  • Tax issues related to deferred compensation
  • Corporate taxes on business ownership
  • Estate preservation planning and tax reduction strategies
  • U.S. and foreign taxes on overseas investments

Our attorneys have access to many of the leading financial experts and tax specialists in New York. We aggressively pursue the strategy that will protect your immediate financial interests, while deferring or eliminating as many tax problems as possible, following your divorce judgment.

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Our Dutchess County, New York divorce lawyers are ready to help you fight to protect your financial interests, including protecting yourself from the fallout of a heavy tax burden on your property judgment. We promise to treat your case with complete confidentiality, while being responsive and sensitive to your needs and concerns throughout your case. You will work directly with your lawyer, while remaining confident in the knowledge that your attorney will rely on the support and knowledge of a team of experienced family law attorneys.

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