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New York Land Use and Zoning Attorneys

When real estate disputes arise, you want an attorney who will protect your rights in court. At the law offices of Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP, we protect the rights of individuals and businesses involved in land use, zoning and planning disputes. Whether your request for permits has been denied or your neighbor has encroached on your property rights, we will stand up for your rights.

Creative Solutions. Effective Representation.

Our real estate, land use, zoning and planning litigation practice involves a wide range of concerns. We handle lawsuits against municipalities that have denied approvals, property line disputes, and any other legal concerns that impact a developer’s or homeowner’s use of property. We represent a diverse set of clients throughout New York, including:

  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Homeowners
  • Neighbors

Your livelihood may depend on obtaining a municipality’s approval for a development project. We understand that and will do what it takes to make sure your rights are protected.

Taking a creative approach to all litigation, we will explore all options. While we will take advantage of any opportunity to negotiate a fair settlement out of court, we will always be prepared to protect your rights at trial.

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