Southern Dutchess is a very beautiful area of New York State. We have the Hudson River. We have very diverse communities. Each of these communities reviews development in a slightly different manner.

Getting approvals for any project requires time, and expense, and preparation. First of all, you have to know the local regulations. Secondly, you have to know how the local fathers interpret those regulations.

Many times the political pendulum swings from one group that wants growth, and another group that doesn’t want growth. Knowing what approvals have previously been granted, knowing what the zoning code or the subdivision regulations require makes for a much smoother project when you’re making your presentation.

Part of what Stenger, Glass, Hagstrom, Lindars & Iuele LLP brings to the table is knowing what it’s going to take to get a project brought to conclusion in the least amount of time. If you have a land use problem, if you have a new project, please contact us. I guarantee you it’s the best success that you can for your particular project.